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now here's a thought: I don't want to try too hard to be part of everything. I'm not saying anything bad about anything or anyone (though I could). we're allowed to do so: so I'm not against social media and streaming services. I've spent a whole lot of time in fakebook and had great experiences, but I ultimatly come to the conclusion it's not healthy for me. so I don't want to feed those virtual spaces too much. I'll share some news now and then and I'll have part of my music on the web as well. I'm oldschool and stubborn: I think songs belong on an album and an album is an object you can experience in a lively way. I'm fine with modern (?) ways of experiencing music, but I don't want to be a part of it completely!


  • ¿in caffè?

    from the album "¿e schiglioc?"

  • ella plova

    from the album "tartarugapop"

  • sche ti savesses

    from the album "¿e schiglioc?"

  • sedaMondel

    from the album "tartarugapop"


tumasch è: canzuns ord differents territoris (2019)

dedo caracol: piezas del pasado cercano (2018)

dedo caracol: segundos (2015)

tartaruga: ¿e schiglioc? ni ils scutinems da temps vargai (2014)

dedo caracol: homónimo (2011)

caravan of fools: welcome (2004)

tartaruga: tartarugapop (2002)

life's too short to drink bad wine